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Různé - hodinový manžel

Různé opravy hodinový manžel

If you want to assemble or dismantle something, hang up a picture, put up wallpaper, screw up holes or fix something, tighten up, remove or pick it up

Don't hesitate with contacting us and we will gladly help you!

  • exchange of kitchen doors
  • help with moving (smaller pieces including transport)
  • painting the heating
  • assembly of laths; overrun and transition moldings; corner moldings etc.
  • laying down carpets + laths, PVC linoleum + laths, floating floors + laths
  • sliding door assembly
  • bonding ceilings and moldings
  • greasing and adjustment of hinges
  • replacement of drawer trolleys
  • gluing sealing of windows and doors
  • importation and installation of fitted furniture from the store of your choice
  • assembly and adjustment of doors
  • removal of large waste; disposal of waste- (furniture, el. appliances, steel, dirt and debris etc.)
  • assembly of entrance sheds
  • installation of cornices, shelves, hanging up pictures and mirrors
  • we will take you anywhere you wish (airport, shopping, theatre..)
  • bonding ceilings and moldings
  • clearing out loft spaces, cellars, sheds, garages and other areas
  • adjustments of door hinges (living room furniture, kitchen cabinets, closets and other)
  • door assembly and adjustment
  • installation of scaffolding
  • excavation work


Our services

A one-hour husband is a universal helper for any kind of situation. With him you will never again helplessly look at water bursting out of a pipe. From now on, while looking at it, you will be calling our non-stop line and some one-hour husband will already be arranging his tools into his bag.