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hodinový manžel zámečnické práce

We do locksmith work for some years now; we offer quality, reliable and fast locksmith services. That is why we not only serve as a locksmith but also as a locksmith emergency. Capable craftsmen of our company offer you professional locksmith services of installation, exchanges or lock repairs in wooden or steel doors.

We do these locksmith works:

  • repairing door locks
  • installing locks in wooden of metal doors
  • lock exchanges
  • assembly of lock barrels
  • barrel exchange
  • installation of door inserts
  • consulting metalwork and locksmith

After arrival we will check the door lock and based on your wish we will offer you the best way of repairing. If necessary, we can take care of the purchase.

Thanks to our year long experiences our locksmiths can offer you complete services. Locksmith works help people in uncomfortable situations, when a fast intervention is needed. People call locksmiths most often in situations, when they need to open an apartment, car or when they lock themselves out of their home.

Our locksmith emergency is available 7 days a week. In case of any problem, for example locked doors or other inconveniences, do not hesitate to contact our locksmith emergency.


Hodinový manžel Zámečnické práce Hodinový manžel Zámečnické práce Hodinový manžel Zámečnické práce Hodinový manžel Zámečnické práce


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A one-hour husband is a universal helper for any kind of situation. With him you will never again helplessly look at water bursting out of a pipe. From now on, while looking at it, you will be calling our non-stop line and some one-hour husband will already be arranging his tools into his bag.