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Do you offer just the service of a one-hour husband?

Our company doesn’t only offer the service of a one-hour husband. We are also a cleaning company, with which we offer household, office or hotel cleaning etc. Cleaning can be just one-time or regular, general or common. All can be found clearly described on our website.

What should I imagine when you say one-hour husband?

A one-hour husband is a capable handyman, who does work of all kind. He will fix broken chairs at your place, cottage or office, repair leaking taps, hang up pictures, lights, mow the grass, and clean up after a party and so on…

Do you have your own tools or do I have to provide them?

All tools and working gadgets needed for work will be brought to your place by our one-hour husband.

Do you adjust working hours according to the customer?

Yes, we always try to adjust to the customer’s time requirements and mostly it works. Can you call us during the weekend? Of course. Our workers work on holidays and weekends as well.

For whom is the service of a one-hour husband meant?

Although it may seem a one-hour husband is for lonely women, that isn’t right. This service is for all those who need help with repairs in households, offices, at cottages or in the garden.

How much will I pay for the service?

All prices for the work of a one-hour husband and transport are set in our price list.

Does somebody have to be present during the work?

No. Our employees can work also before or after your working hours. Although usually with household works the customer is present for the simple reason to let workers in the apartment or house.

I live near Prague- can the one-hour husband come here?

Surely. The service of a one-hour husband is offered not only across Prague, but also its surroundings.



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A one-hour husband is a universal helper for any kind of situation. With him you will never again helplessly look at water bursting out of a pipe. From now on, while looking at it, you will be calling our non-stop line and some one-hour husband will already be arranging his tools into his bag.