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Electrical work

elektrikářské práce

The services of a one-hour husband include also some small electrical work in your apartment, family house or office.

We secure:

  • exchange of electro installation
  • installation of sockets and switches
  • installation of lighting
  • repairing sockets and switches
  • connecting TV, video, satellite, telephone
  • connection of washing machines or dishwashers
  • minor repairs for households
Elektrikářské práce

Call our one-hour husband: a way, how to not only solve all the small problems at a time, but also how to ensure the safety of your home.

Our one-hour husband will quickly and efficiently manage all repairs, connections or installations and you don’t have to worry about anything and can rather attend your family.


Our services

A one-hour husband is a universal helper for any kind of situation. With him you will never again helplessly look at water bursting out of a pipe. From now on, while looking at it, you will be calling our non-stop line and some one-hour husband will already be arranging his tools into his bag.