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One-hour husband

What is hiding beneath these words?

A one-hour husband will help whenever you need to return your household to the state before reconstruction, rebuilding or any unexpected accident of pipes or electric wires and no other skillful hand is around. He is a very capable handyman, who has experience and professionally handles all craft and manual works in households, offices or in the garden.

A one-hour husband does:

  • Furniture assembly- assembly and completion of furniture
  • Minor installation works- cleaning sinks and waste, repairs or exchanges of water batteries
  • Gardening- mowing grass, raking leaves, planting, disposal of biological waste, spading, collecting fruit, pool cleaning
  • Painting works- painting of apartments, offices; door, window and fence painting
  • Minor repairs in households- hanging up pictures, shelves, curtains, laying down carpets, floating floors, small welding,  assembly of light bulbs, lights, plug ins, small reconstruction repairs, repairing wall holes, drilling

All our husbands are qualified, friendly, reliable and ready to help. Our one-hour husband has professional background and therefore has professional equipment available.
The services of a one-hour husband may come to hand to women that take care of a household alone and cannot themselves secure furniture assembly, transporting and laying down a new carpet, small repairs in their apartment and other “men’s” work.

We have many years’ experiences and provide a personal guarantee for all our proposed services. Services are offered to households and companies in Prague and its surroundings.

It is possible to arrange work of a one-hour husband for the weekend or also in case of unexpected situations for the same day.

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A one-hour husband is a universal helper for any kind of situation. With him you will never again helplessly look at water bursting out of a pipe. From now on, while looking at it, you will be calling our non-stop line and some one-hour husband will already be arranging his tools into his bag.